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02-Nov-2017 00:15

Morning Guys on one of my 3PAR storage devices im getting errors which are stopping any data collection.Looks to be since i upgraded to Version 2.0The 3par output file has -Tue Jul 11 2017 INFO : hp3: Process files [170711_104504]./products/stor2rrd/bin/ 2017-07-11_ : Command data_ends with return code 255statcpu statvv statvlun statport statpd statcmp showcfg The error log has -Use of uninitialized value in string eq at /products/stor2rrd/bin/Load Data line 18615, line 306.

error updating could not lock rrd-4

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But now that I updated to rrd-tool I found the problem that Is not possible for me execute the rrdtool in NFS in the same way that I was using with mrtg lof format.For error codes specific to the Windows Installer functions Msi and Inst Msi.exe, see Msi and Inst Error Messages.For a list of reserved error codes, see Error table. Dean Casey P A T H F I R E Email: dcasey (at) Office: 6 -----Original Message----- From: Robin Wood [mailto:dninja (at)] Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2007 AM To: hobbit (at) Subject: Re: [hobbit] I'm getting the error "could not lock RRD" Well, moving the log directory to the local disk stopped the error messages but I'm still getting empty graphs.

I've got all of those: (from ./configure) Checking for RRDtool ...

ERROR: /products/stor2rrd/data/HAVP7404/DRIVE/45.20.rrd: found extra data on update argument: 1:5 at /products/stor2rrd/bin/Load Data line 18695This is only happening on 1 of my 12 3PARs.