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One day after the official launch, that number jumped to more than 400,000. But it’s strange that the company would chose to say “1,000 ” instead of the more accurate and impressive “300,000 ” if those accounts belong to actual people who signed up for the service.

It seems like the site might have more than a few fake accounts (or maybe ghosts are getting in on the action? Unlike other dating sites that operate with a simple monthly subscription fee, uses the “freemium” model—You can create an account for free, which lets you browse profiles.

William Berry, who opened the establishment following an exciting secret mission to Marrakesh.

Coast to Coast AM is a North American (United States and Canada) late-night radio talk show that deals with a variety of topics, but most frequently ones that relate to either the paranormal or conspiracy theories.

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" I lost over dozens of women the who lost hope and canceled memberships after I couldn't respond for free nor gain member ship without endangering a credit card to online scams as I fear this maybe another bogus hype site. The other changed the date with me to be home to meet another girl. I agree with the other reviews in the fact that my profile was put on other sites. Catfish for sure twice I ran across pictures of the same guy with two different profiles. Most can't type a comprehensive sentence in English.

I got a lot of attention, but whenever I would bring up the topic about the paranormal with some of the people I was chatting with, they said either they weren’t interested in such things or thought it was an odd topic for me to be bringing up.

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