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21-Jan-2018 12:34

There are not many places more beautiful than the Maine coast. This was the most nurturing period of my adult life and I shared it only with my dog, Shiloh. That brought up many things to think about, but, loneliness was not one of those things.

I believe that when she said she was okay with the fact that you are inexperienced, she was telling the truth.

Thing is, a virgin is a virgin, and they are going to notice.

If they never ask about it there's no reason to tell them If it makes you feel uncomfortable, but please do not lie to them.

Your son doesn't show any sign of him wanting to date a girl? Staying single for quite a long time does not necessarily mean that there is a substantial problem since some people decide to be single for some personal reasons.

Many might come up with theories to prove the situation and a stressed father might not be keen enough and end up believing in such.

Yes, discrimination is a thing that can happen (I know because I’m transgender and I receive the same type of discrimination), but even if you do discover that you’re a lesbian you have to be yourself unapologetically and just embrace that part of you.